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Wimbledon Osteopathy
wimbledon osteopathy
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wimbledon osteopathy



A personal message from Vispi Jamooji

A therapy similar to massage, Osteopathy stimulates healing in all ages and across a
variety of conditions. It has gained a Worldwide reputation for its excellence and is the
therapy of choice for millions in the UK. Osteopathy is very safe, totally natural and cost

At Wimbledon Osteopathy have performed tens of thousands of treatments over the
past 24 years and most patients come through referral.

Osteopathic medicine provides a safe and natural way of providing help to all family
members for pain, good health and mobility.

Osteopathy is based on the principle that a damaged tissue can be made to heal by "wiggling it" ie subjecting it to movement. Such movements include stretching, rocking, , soft-tissue massage, tissue manipulation, relaxation of tissues etc. In other words mechanical action is a major player in initiating healing and in progressing healing.

An entire new science and system of healing has evolved around this: Osteopathic Medicine. Since 1993 Osteopathic Medicine has been recognised not just by doctors in the medical profession, but also in British Law (Osteopaths Act of Parliament 1996).

Simply put Osteopathic Medicine is the modern extension of one the oldest forms of healing known to mankind: massage. In this way Osteopathic Medicine is not only very safe, it can be a pleasurable way of healing and relaxing. Used in the right way it can help provide you with quality time and keep you in good health even when you are healthy. In so doing your regular visits can help prevent problems from arising especially when combined with lifestyle changes.

Although Osteopathic medicine can help with a wide variety of conditions it is specially famed for its pain relief. Typically I would suggest mechanical conditions respond best to mechanical solutions. As Osteopathic Medicine is primarily a mechanical therapy and as almost every condition has at least one mechanical effect in the body Osteopathic Medicine can be used to offer relief in a very wide range of clinical conditions. At our clinic we treat new born babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. We also have special interest areas for sports medicine, arthritic care, pregnancy and childcare treatment and of course cranial osteopathy.

Wimbledon Osteopathy
wimbledon osteopathy Wimbledon Osteopathy
popular conditions
» Back Pain / Back Ache
» Slipped Disc / Sciatica
» Headaches / Migraines
» Neck / Shoulder Pain
» Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow
» Rotator Cuff
» Frozen Shoulder
» Arthritis (Osteo-arthritis)
» Whiplash
» Trapped Nerves
» Sports injuries
» Muscles
» Stress
» Cranial Osteopathy

Wimbledon Osteopathy
Wimbledon Osteopathy
wimbledon osteopathy

wimbledon osteopathy wimbledon osteopathy