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Programme of Care

All patients qualify for our Programme of Care Service. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere.

  • Written explanation.
    Each patient is given a written explanation of their diagnosis, how many visits, exercise information, self help tips and an out of hours number to call for support.

  • Free Text Message
    Reminders for appointments.

  • Team Support.
    Speak with our experienced Head Receptionist, Kate Diamond or any of her team. They are on call 12 hours a day (and Saturday for 9 hours) and can help with most common concerns. They can also contact your practitioner on your behalf, or advise you on treatment options for other common complaints.

  • FREE Dedicated Helpline.
    Once you have been seen by Mr Jamooji, you will have access to their exclusive emergency helpline. This gives you extra peace of mind and access to your experienced managing clinician.

  • FREE Email Access to your practitioner.
    You can also contact us via email. Sometimes its better to put things down in writing. A personal email address will be provided to you on your first visit.

  • Email Newsletters.
    Monthly Newsletter containing free medical advice, information and special offers.

  • Treatment Discounts.
    We offer a number of discounts. Click here for more information.

  • Patient Satisfaction.
    We make courtesy calls to all our patients. We care about how you feel, even after you have left. You will have an opportunity, to tell us about your symptoms or if you have comments/feedback. The Clinic Relations Manager is Ann Goggin. You can also contact her on 020 8946 2331 or through the FEEDBACK page on this website.

  • DISCOUNTED Booster Treatment Programme of Care.
    We offer a Booster / Check-Up option at 3, 6 and 12 months intervals. This allows you a chance to keep on top of your symptoms, or simply to treat yourself! If you take your treatments at the appointed time, we offer a further 10% discount for that visit on top of any other discounts you may have.

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    wimbledon osteopathy wimbledon osteopathy